FlashBack Friday: Hocus Pocus


This weeks Flashback Friday is classic Disney Halloween movie. If you guys grew up watching Disney Channel, I’m sure that around Halloween time on the weekends you were glued to the television set watching the Disney channel Halloween lineup. One of my favorite movies during Halloween was Hocus Pocus starring Sarah Jessica Parker,Bette Midler and Kathy Najimy as the Sanderson Sisters. I would watch this movie every single time it showed on Disney Channel and I probably knew most of the lines and the songs those three witches would sing. I loved the song “I got a spell on you and now you’re mine” and I always thought the song “Come little Children” was the creepiest song ever. It literally scared me when I was a little girl. I hated those witches like if they were real people. This movie had me wondering if witches were real lol (hahaha the silly things you wonder as a child when you don’t know better lol). I think the only part of this movie that really made me sad was when Thackery Binx, the cat died. As a child when one of my favorite characters died in a movie I would be so heartbroken and terrified, but in the end he got his happy ending and was reunited with his sister, so that made me happy. As you can tell this is one of my favorite movies and if you haven’t seen it already this Sunday on ABC Family you will get your chance. I didn’t give away much spoiler alerts so you can definitely watch Hocus Pocus and enjoy it 🙂 Hope you love it as much as I do.


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