Music Mondays: Mike Hough-Wrecking Ball

Hey guys! I back again this week with another amazing cover of a song that I love so much. This week I wanted to share with you guys one of my favorite artist based out in London. His talent surpasses a lot of so many other male singers in the industry that I am bursting with excitement because I know he is going to big one day. The first time I heard him sing was when he covered Jojo’s-Demonstrate but sadly I can’t find the video anywhere on youtube 😦 but he sang that so well. I was omg who is this white guy with such a soulful voice; I need to hear more of his music and since then I’ve subscribed to his channel and been a faithful fan and listener of his music (originals and covers). I am probably being bias but this is one of the best covers of this song. I love his vocals against this track. He gave it a soulful twist and boy I felt every emotion and every pain that you are suppose to feel when listen to this song. I love the original version of this song don’t get me wrong but I prefer to listen to this version. Recently, Mike Hough was nominated for the best cover of Wrecking Ball on and you guys my readers if you loved his cover of Wrecking Ball as much as I do please please vote for him on . Right now he’s in second place and I know and believe it in my heart he can win. So please watch the video below and then click on the link above to vote for Mike Hough’s best cover of Wrecking Ball.



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