Outfit of The Day: Demi Lovato Inspired

Today’s outfit of the day was inspired by Demi Lovato’s latest style. I have a love/hate relationship with the way she dresses now because even though her new look is comfy and a bit edgy, I do feel like she needs to tone it down when it comes to red carpet appearances or certain star studded events. However I do like some of the outfits she choses to wear and I thought I would come up with my own version of an outfit I would wear that was Demi Lovato inspired. Recently her look has been black leather pants or black skinny jeans, a band T-shirt, boots and either a blazer or leather jacket. I think it’s one of her mom lazier looks but with her blue hair she is totally rocking it. I do think this look is perfect for an everyday type of look especially if you’re someone who is busy and on their feet a lot. There is nothing too stylish about it which I love. I just love the comfiness of this entire outfit. It’s young, edgy and very easy to wear without going that extra mile. So here is my Demi Lovato inspired outfit. For my outfit, I picked out this really cute but simple Mixed Tee from TopShop (cotton/leather), then I found some cute black jeans, a leather jacket (of course), to complete the comfy look I decided to pair it with some black flats instead of boots, I also added a cute little purse and some jewelry to give it that feminine touch and lastly I am into beanies and scarves so I had to personalize a bit but I would totally wear this outfit. Hope you guys love it! xxBesos

Screen Shot 2013-10-31 at 7.16.02 PM








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