Warby Parker’s Winter 2013 Optical Collection


      As someone who wears glasses when I was given the opportunity to help launch Warby Parker’s new Winter Collection of eyeglasses, I was super excited. I’ve been wearing glasses since I was six years old and my first pair wasn’t my favorite at all. It was a pink, boxy and very nerdy. I hated it with everything and my second pair was the same just brown and less noticeable. Let’s just say that when I first started wearing glasses back in the late 90s they weren’t as fashionable as they are today. Today there are so many different varieties, styles, colors and brands to chose from and it makes it so somewhat easy and hard to pick your favorite pair. I am someone who needs to wear glasses so when I go in for an eye exam and it’s time to pick a new pair. It must compliment my face, be simple and also cute. Right now I’m rocking a pair of black glasses that are my absolute favorite but I’m due to get a new pair soon so thanks to Warby Parker I can start looking at my options from their new 2013 Winter Collection.welty-optical-whiskey-tortoise-angle

       I was given the opportunity to help launch the new Warby Parker’s 2013 optical collection and to be honest I was skeptical at first because I had never heard of this eyeglasses company but when I did a little research I was intrigued and my interest peaked so I decided to take on this opportunity and introduce my fellow readers to a company with some amazing goals and also some really cute fashionable eyeglasses. I was checking out their website and one thing that really stood out for me was “Buy a pair, give a pair.” Buy a pair, Give a pair allows Warby Parker to fund or provide the less fortunate with a new pair of eyeglasses that they can use to help them see better which in turn opens up various opportunities for adults and can help students excel in school. I love this and I think this is such a good route to go with your business because to me it shows that as a business owner you care about the giving back aspect of a business. It shows that you care more about others than making profits.  Warby Parker also offers very affordable glasses priced at $95 for both prescription and non-prescription.  I think this is such a good affordable price for glasses because eyeglasses are so expensive and they offer it at such a reasonable price, which makes eyeglasses shopping less of a pain. Another cool little feature Warby Parker has, is that if you are interested in buying a pair of glasses from them you have the option of trying on 5 of your favorite pairs for five days and the best part is you can do all of this for FREE, with no obligation to buy. Just make sure to use the prepaid return-shipping label to send back the glasses after you have tried them on.webb-optical-saddle-russet-angle

      Warby Parker’s new Winter Collection can be described as rustic meets modern. It features six new shapes in five new colors, including two custom two-toned acetates, in addition to some of our most dependably stylish frames in cold-weather hues. I love their new winter collection, it’s very simple yet fashionable. It’s a line of eyewear that is perfect for the artsy, hippie and also college student type. If you are any of these or just like simple eyeglasses design well then Warby Parker is where you would want to start looking for you new pair of glasses. I had some time to really check out their new line of eyewear and I picked my top five to share with you today. My absolute favorite was the “Seymour Tennessee Whiskey” eyeglasses. I loved the two-toned color of this eyeglasses and it’s perfect for a business casual type of setting. For me it’s something different and if I had to get any pair this one would probably be it. I always play it safe when it comes to getting eyeglasses but this two-toned color will simply compliment my skin tone and my face. I also loved the “Langhorne Striped Evergreen”, this one is just perfect for winter time activities. The “Nash Greystone and The Nash Whiskey Tortoise” are another one of my favorites. They both have a very vintage boho chic look to it. They are the perfect pair for some afternoon writing or just some indoor art activity. I tend to love square frames more because for me they are bit more modern with a vintage twist and of course fashionable. The “Chamberlain Saddle Sage” is one of those glasses that will be perfect for someone who loves fashion. It’s a very stylish and modern eyeglasses. I will have to say The Chamberlain is for the more younger, college type. I think this glasses paired with the right outfit can simply make heads turn. It’s one of those trendsetters. I love that the Saddle Sage is two-toned, it makes it a bold fashionable statement.  I hope you guys loved my Top 5 favorites from the new Warby Parker Winter Collection.  Warby Parker’s new collection launches today and you can head on over to WarbyParker.com  or visit one their stores or showrooms.

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