Flashback Friday


Who remembers their first cellphone? Well I sure do and let me tell you it was one of the happiest days of my life back then. I got my first cell phone right after I moved back to the US from Trinidad. My dad bought me the LG C1300 from Cingular that was before ATT bought the company and made major come back. Anyway I loved this little flip phone and I was so happy I finally had a phone of my own. I remember that my dad would constantly take my phone away because I texted way to much and he refused to buy a 5$ a month texting plan so I found myself a lot of times without a phone. I remember one time I hid the cell phone bill just so he wouldn’t see that I texted more than I should have. I was such a sneaky little teen growing up. My second phone was the Nokia 6085. I was so excited to get this phone because it had a camera. This phone was a huge upgrade compared to the LG. I was like bursting with excitement because I could finally take pictures with my phone and send text messages and stuff. O and btw my dad finally gave into the 5$ texting plan when I got the Nokia. I could have finally texted my friends and I felt so cool lol!!! Haha I’m such a dork lol! I really loved this phone but eventually it showed its true colors and I was stuck with a problematic phone for a couple of months. By my junior year in high school 2008-2009, cell phones got like a major upgrade everyone was coming out with touch screen phones and I wanted one. I knew I couldn’t have gotten the iPhone so I saved my money from my little babysitting job from my church and also a friend and bought the Samsung Eternity A87. I loved this phone and it was so worth the 100$ I saved. I was over the moon when I got this phone because I finally had a cool phone. This phone had it all touch screen, a browser,amazing games, mobile TV, apps,etc. I was in heaven and with my newly unlimited texting plan I was always on this phone. Sadly I didn’t have a data plan but I would still go on Facebook with this phone and use the data at a minimal each month. I thought this phone was hot. I literally felt that I was better than people because I had this touch screen phone that cost 100$. This phone took me through junior and senior year but then the touch screen failed on me so I was stuck with a stupid replacement phone which sucked. Since I was due for an upgrade I had to get this secondhand HTC 5800 and I hated it. This phone was so big and chunky but I had to deal with it for four months until i upgraded up the Blackberry Curve. This was a cute little phone that I got for .99cents lol. ATT had some banging deals on these Blackberries lol and I just had to get one. Now this was a major upgrade. I had a data plan on this phone so I got to really enjoy all the features of this phone and I would also order a new case for it like every month. This was one of my favorite phones don’t get me wrong I love the iPhone but the Blackberry was durable and long lasting. The only reason I upgraded was because this company soon started to decline and the updates were becoming so irrelevant that I gave up my blackberry and got the iPhone 4S, which I still have today well the 5s now. I had a good history with my phones back in the day. I remember the time when the fanciest phones were the Motorola Razr, that was like the number 1 phone on my wish list. I swear I always wanted one of those Nokia phones that everyone had, it was just a plain phone no flip or touch screen. Now you can’t even find those anymore. It’s crazy how times have changed and phones got such huge upgrades and makeovers. Now every phone is touchscreen or a smart phone. You hardly see phones anymore with a physical number pad or qwerty keyboard. A lot sure has changed.


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