December 1st: Love The Way You Want To Be Loved

31 Days Of Inspiration


I thought of this little saying a couple weeks ago and to be honest I’m wrestling with the idea of how to actually explain this since each of us love ourselves in a very different way. For me personally I take this as show someone the respect that you would want and I think that the same meaning/idea can apply to love as well. I really believe if we deeply love ourselves we can emit that same love and even a better kind of love onto someone else. I think the love that we have for ourselves can emit such an aura of kindness, warmth, confidence and also a deeper connection with the people around us. Self love is something I think can be seen,sensed or however you want to put it. I believe that love is a necessity and not a want. Love is something that can hold us or break us. Love shouldn’t be taken for granted or thrown away. I look at love as precious little things that can be broken and need to be taken care of deeply just like us. So when I say love the way you want to be loved, be sure that the love that you want from someone already exists within you and you are willing to love that person as much as they love you and even more.

Thank You so much for tuning into Day 1 of 31 Days of Inspiration. Be sure to tune in tomorrow and for the rest of the month for a daily dose of inspiration personally from me. XOXO❤


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