December 26th: Always Set A Good Example❤



Today, you hardly meet people who hasn’t changed their lifestyle just to please someone else. I hate the fact that we live in a world were people feel the need to conform to fit in. Some would literally lay down their beliefs, roll over and just do things even though they know it’s not right. I literally hate this and honestly I have to confess I do this sometimes but boy o boy thank God for wake up calls because they sure do snap me back to reality. As individuals we must set an example for the people around us. Don’t let society or the people around you change who you are. Set an example so one day you can look back and not be full of regrets but be proud of the things you didn’t do. Yes life is all about living crazily (sometimes), taking chances and risks but never forget your dignity. Never lose that sense of who you are. Set an example, be a role model.


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