December 27: Love is?❤

love_is_everywhere_by_luton-d3ckqmcWhat is love? For me love is a feeling that I simply can’t explain. It’s something I am learning to do everyday. It is something that is growing and shining bright through me everyday of my life. Love is indescribable. Love has no beginning or ending. Love isn’t selfish. Love sees through all the hard times in our lives. Love is our savior. Love is kind, patient and comfortable. When we love, we should love unconditionally. We should love wholeheartedly. We should love the way we want to be loved. We should always look for love in the darkest of places and people. Love doesn’t discriminate. We should love people regardless of who they are or what they have done. Love sees no wrong. Love is something we should need because we can’t live without it.We should just LOVE! Love changes lives. Love is louder❤


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