Sweet Twenty-Fourteen

I welcome you and I can’t wait to experience you. I am so excited to have made it another year. The thanks and praise that I can offer up to god just won’t be enough to show how blessed and thankful that I’m alive to see 2014. It’s so wonderful. This time last year my prayers were so different. I remember I was asking God for some type of wake up call within myself and family. I made promises to go after the thing I needed the most to help me further opportunities. Last year was just such a challenge. Last year was also very unforgettable. A lot happened and a lot didn’t happen. I thought in some areas of my life things would happen and they didn’t but now I’m okay with that. I’ve learned, I’ve cried and I’ve moved on. This year my goal is to continue getting to know myself. This year for me is just a year were I want to experience more things, live a little bit more, be risky and open my heart. I want to do away with my weaknesses and strengthen my strengths. I want to live the life that God intended me to live no regrets and no bullshit. Sweet Twenty-Fourteen please be wonderful. XoXo♥


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