Raw Honey Face Mask

raw-honeyHey guys, so I’m always looking for a new methods as how to cleanse my face and i think I finally came across a method that would be effective. Have you guys ever heard of or tried a Raw Honey Mask? While browsing twitter I saw one of the people I follow talk about using this honey mask and how her skin had a natural glow because of it and was also cleaner. I’m a sucker for face cleansers and I probably have tried a lot of them on the market but never can I get the results I want, in the beginning the product seems to work but then after a while my face feels dirty even after giving my face a proper cleanse. So my goal is for 30 days, I want to try the Raw Honey Face Mask to see if this is a product/method worth using. I will keep you guys updated with the progress and hopefully this all works out. Here’s  two little videos on the brands of Raw Honey I’m considering buying over the weekend, it includes the benefits and a live demonstration of how to properly apply it. Look forward to starting this new challenge. xx Felice❤️

Video #1 

Video #2



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