Flashback Friday: Shit I Did When I was Younger

 Young, Foolish and Hilarious

In this edition of Young, Foolish and Hilarious, I wanted to take you guys back and tell you about the crazy things I thought to be true, the things I believed and the foolish things I did or came up with during my younger years. Looking back I really was young and foolish. I swear I was such a know it all and would get into arguments with people because I thought I was always right. I was such a little trouble maker and my mom definitely had her hands full when it came to taking care of me and my sister.  I decided to come up with a list of some of the craziest things that I did when I was younger. I promise this will make you laugh.

1. I would always cry for everything growing up and this would annoy the hell out of my parents. One day we were eating ice cream on the porch and it fell so I started to cry and my mother just had enough of it. She pretended to call the police because I was a cry baby. The funniest thing was there was an actual cop car on the street that pulled up and I freaked out. I ran into my room, locked the door and started screaming “I don’t want to go to jail. Mommy I won’t cry again. I promise.”

2. This one time I was playing outside and while running back to my house I ran into the screen door and my forehead started to bleed crazily. Well guys let me tell you I was done. I started to scream and run all throughout the house “I don’t wanna die!! I don’t want to die. ” To be honest the only reason why I thought I was going to die was because the night before I watched this movie and the person died from blood loss. So i thought I was going to die to because there was so much blood.

3. My mom would never buy me chapsticks or lipgloss when I was younger from Avon. So I remember I stole my friends little mermaid lip balm but I never got to use it because we moved to Trinidad like two days after.

4. The first time I had Chinese food and tasted Soy Sauce I became obsessed. So obsessed that one night I decided to sneak a pack of soy sauce to drink in bed and it spilled all over the bed. Let’s just say my mother wasn’t to happy and my bum was roasted.

5. Once I chopped off the middle of my hair in school and my mom found out because I couldn’t eat breakfast the next morning. I was and still eat a lot so she suspected something was up. I blamed it on one of the girls in my class. Thank God my mom didn’t go to the school to tell the teachers.

6. When my mom sent my sister and I to shower we wouldn’t. We would turn the shower on and just swish the water all over the walls, change into our pj’s and my mom wouldn’t know a thing.

7.  When I was younger I remember I thought poop came out of my vagina and pee my butt.

8. The first song I ever wrote (well one I could remember) was called V.I.P and yes the song had the line very important person in it. It was so corny like omg. It goes something like this “I am a V.I.P with a VIP VIP VIP I’m gonna turn around and touch the ground. You know I’m a very important person so you better shut your mouth and VIP VIP VIP.”

9. In grammar school I would never to my math homework. I remember I would never bring home the workbook and then the next day in class I would do it as the teacher gave out the answers.



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