Artist Spotlight: Little Mix

Little_Mix_-_SaluteI’ve been listening to Little Mix’s new album “Salute” and I have to say it is such an improvement from their debut album “DNA”. On this new album they songs are just filled with so much emotion and they tell such a powerful story. My favorites on the album are the ballads. I love Towers, Little Me, These Four Walls and my favorite Good Enough. The song Good Enough is such a haunting song. The lyrics totally wreck my heart. When Jesy sings that first verse you can just feel the hurt and emotion vibrating in her voice. It’s almost like she’s trying not to cry while singing the song. These girls have some powerhouse vocals. They are so underrated. I regret not listening to them sooner because these girls are amazing singers. I love the whole girl power, empowerment vibe they give off in their music.It’s such a breathe of fresh air in the music industry. I want you guys to listen to Good Enough and let me know what you think. I promise you that your mind will be blown. Happy Listening xoxoxo♥

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