TV Talk: Dallas


Last night marked the season three premiere of one of my favorite all time dramas Dallas. Last season ended sad but also revealing note. Us Faithful Dallas fans mourned the loss of JR Ewing along with the entire Ewing clan. It was so sad to hear that Larry Hagman passed away so suddenly. Last season we also found out that JR switched the deeds to some land and basically everything that the Ewing’s have belongs to the Ramos family. So now we have an alliance between Elena and Cliff Barnes to initiate the takedown of the Ewing’s. This season is going to be massive because Elena is out for “justice” as she said. Even though I’m a supporter of the Ewing family it would be good TV to actually see them paying for some of their past mistakes and getting their ass kicked. I only hope that Elena is strong enough to go through with this little vendetta of hers. This season we also have some new faces like 90210 alum Annalynne McCord and from the roles she normally plays, I can tell her character is going to bring some serious heat. John Ross as usual is up to his old tricks. Right now he’s romancing Emma while engaged to Pamela. I have funny feeling that this season John Ross will be getting what he deserves because he’s literally in bed with two crazy women. Last nights episode was a great season three opener, we finally got to meet the infamous Nicolas/Joaquin who was always mentioned in previous season as a close family friend that Elena and her brother grew up with. I thought he was the Mexican cartel but then it was later on revealed that he’s a businessman and also Cliff Barnes new proxy for Barnes Global while he’s incarcerated. I can’t wait to see the rest of the season and hopefully have weekly TV Talks about each episode with you guys. Until next weeks new episode @9pm on TNT you can watch the amazing talented Josh Henderson new single “Close To You” who knew he could sing.

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