Hello April ♥

It’s finally April and I have to say whew Thank God March is over. March was really hectic. School and work literally took over my life. Unfortunately I had to give up one of my jobs (New York and Company) so I could have more time to do homework and also have time to just decompress when I needed to. I am so looking forward to this month because I have a week off for Spring Break and also I’ll be going to Brooklyn to give into my cravings for some Trinidadian Cuisine with my sister and possibly see my older brother. I’m so excited 🙂 Since I didn’t really get to do a March Playlist I want to leave you guys with some of my favorites songs I fell in love with last month.♥

Naughty Boy-La La La ft Sam Smith

(I first heard this song driving back somewhere while blasting the radio station 92.3. I didn’t know who sang it at first all I know is I loved the La La La part of it. It sounded so much like an indian song and since I grew up in Trinidad where there was a huge East Indian Influence I absolutely fell in love with Indian Music and this song also.

Shotgun Love

(Pia Mia has been a favorite of mine recently since after listening to her latest EP “The Gift”. I discovered this song one night while doing homework and blasting her music on Spotify. I absolutely love this song of her and probably every song she has out including Fight For You from the Divergent Movie Soundtrack)

Omarion-You Like It

(When I heard Omarion was releasing a new single I was very skeptical about it because some of the music her released after his 21 album wasn’t really all to good. You Like It brings me back to the old Omarion days but with a grown and sexy feeling. I love this song and whenever it comes on shuffle I can’t help but sing this song at the top of my lungs. It’s so amazing to have on of my favorite R&B artist making new music and on top of his game again)

Trey Songz-Na Na

(Trey Songz music has a special place in my heart especially when he comes out with a good song. Since all the Pop stations are literally playing the same song over and over, I’ve been listening to Power 105 so much and just discovering all these songs that has probably been out for months now lol. Trey Songz song Na Na is my favorite ahh it reminds me so much of my Junior and Senior Year of High School when times were wild and crazy lol. I love this song man)

Cher Lloyd-Sirens

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