TV Talk: The 100


Wednesday nights episode of The 100 was one of the wildest most barbaric episodes yet. In the episode entitled Murphy’s Law totally had the theme of “Anything that can go wrong will go wrong” After it was discovered that Wells was murdered the group first thought that he was murdered by “The Grounders.” Clarke then realized that it was someone in the group that murdered him and all hell broke loose. Bellamy told her to not alert the others but because of who she is, she just had to open her big mouth and rile up the others. Murphy of course became everyone’s first suspect and they almost killed him to but Charlotte confessed to killing him. This little girl really pissed me of though. She took what Bellamy told her (slay your demons) the wrong way and caused so much turmoil. This is why you don’t give kids weapons even in post apocalyptic times. After her little confession hot head Murphy set out on a manhunt to find and kill her because he wanted “revenge”. The thing he failed to realize that she was just a child and his little manhunt caused Charlotte to take her own life in order to save Bellamy and Clarke. If she didn’t do that Murphy probably would have killed Bellamy and Clarke just to publicly kill Charlotte just like he was publicly humiliated. His actions later caused him to be banish from the group and to live a life in the wilderness on his own but he’ll survive that boy is a survivor. While all that craziness was going on down on earth, up in space on the ark Clarke’s mom Abby’s plan of getting to earth was shattered after Kane started to pry into her dealings and one of the women she traded with ratted her out to that power hinge fool Kane. Thankful though Raven was able to get the pod up and running and launched it to earth. Ahh so that means one more person is coming to earth but I can see this as being a problem since Clarke hooked up with her boyfriend Finn. The CW really did good with this show and I’m hopeful that it will get renewed for a full season next Fall. Don’t forget to watch The 100 on Wednesday nights after Arrow @ 9pm.


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