Fashionably Coachella: What They Wore

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With Coachella weekend 1 officially over there are so many things I want to share with you before weekend 2. Today however I’m focusing on my favorite looks. I have to say this year I was disappointed in some of the outfits I saw but I managed to pick out the outfits that I thought were different, really cute and truly represented the music festival look. What or who was your favorite look for wknd 1 of Coachella?





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4 thoughts on “Fashionably Coachella: What They Wore

    • The Kiss of Joy says:

      a lot of the pieces were a repeat from last yr and their wasn’t much creativity so i just picked some of my favorites and other pieces that were represented todays current fashion trends and also completed the perfect festival look 🙂 thanks for commenting peggy xxx ♥

    • The Kiss of Joy says:

      omg yes they were one of my favorites! some people just go way over board at Coachella.. I can’t wait to see what craziness people wear for Wknd 2 starting friday lol… Lol and that rapper Kid Cudi wearing a crop top haha he totally brought back that trend there lol

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