You know I’m just human, human after all

10247464_711022545624797_3112533556265509044_nYou know I’m just human, human after all. This line in Cher Lloyd’s new song “Human” is just the truth. So many times people tend to forget that no matter what a person does or how they live their life we are all simply just humans. We go through the same things, we fight the same battles and we struggle with things internally and emotionally and no matter how strong we are we all have weaknesses that makes us human. Cher Lloyd’s new song Human doesn’t disappoint at all. I absolutely love that she is releasing so many powerful ballads and songs that show off her powerful vocal ability. Sirens was amazing but Human is just at another level. This song is personal and has the ability to reach a person in its own way. I love this new side to Cher Lloyd and even in interviews you can tell that in the past year she has grown into her own and found her own little niché in music. You can download Human on iTunes today and listen to this amazing song below.

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3 thoughts on “You know I’m just human, human after all

  1. Tara Simone says:

    This is a really great song! I like Cher Lloyd’s songs and glad that she’s just not a pop singer with no vocals- she has a great voice! Thanks for posting, found ya on 20sb!

    • The Kiss of Joy says:

      i know i really think her new album is going to be amazing and more mature! I loved her since she auditioned on the x factor she just had like this spunkiness about her that was so much fun.

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