TV Talk: The Originals “The Big Uneasy”



Tuesday Nights episode of the originals was crazy. Right now I have a love hate relationship with this show. Each week it’s something I love or something I hate. This episode “The Big Uneasy” was one of those I loved but hated also ahhhh. So in this episode Klaus decides to form an alliance with Genevieve because he told her you never know when “I might need a powerful witch” thank God Klaus didn’t tell her his plans because she would have completely used it against him. This Genevieve witch is so devious that I literally can’t stand to see her on the screen. When I found out that the ancestors wanted her dead I did a little happy dance lol. She needs to be gone. Because of this new peace treaty that Elijah made with the wolves,witches and vampires; the witches well Genevieve thought it would be necessary to throw this party Feast of The Blessings where the witches would be honored. We later on find out the only reason she threw the party was to get Klaus’s mother’s Grimoire. She didn’t get because of course Klaus is always thinking 10 steps ahead. Genevieve decided also that this would be the appropriate time to teach Davina a lesson for betraying the witches. Genevieve set it up so that when all the witches received gifts Davina wouldn’t receive any which was down right devious. However, Klaus gave her a gift(the daylight ring spell for Josh) that just might shake things up. Marcel who is banished from the French quarter is somewhere cooking up a scheme to take back “his city” at first his efforts seem futile but because he sorta is dramatic like a Klaus, his stint at the party (having the vampires attack the bleeding drummers) got all his vampires back. So now he has a mini army but lost a dear friend Thierry. R.I.P he’ll be missed but he was a little coward punk tbh. As the show came to an end something I predicted would happen is going to happen. Poor Hayley is going to fall victim to the witches and their stupid rituals I knew that someone was going to try to harm her if not the witches then Marcel and his band of vampires. Let’s just hope that nothing happens.. The last part of Tuesdays episode really broke my heart because Hayley is so innocent in all this. I’m just hoping for a not so bad outcome. Don’t forget to watch an all new episode of The Originals next Tuesday @ 8pm on The CW.


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