Movie To Watch: Gimme Shelter

1400227_645125418870998_1703438254_o Last week, while on my mini vacation from work I had so much free time so I decided to check out Gimme Shelter starring Vanessa Hudgens, Rosario Dawson and Brendan Fraser. I heard so many good reviews on this movie so when my favorite movie site uploaded Gimme Shelter, I just had to watch it. Gimme Shelter tells the story of a young pregnant teenage girl Apple (Vanessa Hudgens) whose mother June (Rosario Dawson) a drug addict constantly abuses her and only wants her because of the welfare checks she is receiving from the state to feed her addiction. Vanessa Hudgens character Apple goes through so much during this film. After she runs away in search of finding her dad, when she gets there she is faced with even more hardships like her dad mistrust and his wife’s  dislike and judgement towards her.Her father’s wife really treated her like scum; leaving her at the clinic and making her walk home in the freezing rain and lying about it and also forcing her to have an abortion when she clearly didn’t want to give up the baby. When she ran away from her dad’s house for a moment there i though all hope for her to have a decent life and a family was gone. For days, she slept on the streets, slept in cars and even ate out of people’s garbage. I even was so scared when that pimp started to harass her but she stole his car which was so funny but that resulted in her crashing the car and ending up in the hospital. Life for her started to turn around after she met this priest who gave her the hope she needed and got her into Kathy’s shelter for teenage mothers. This placement is just what she needed to figure out who she wane and also gain some stability in her life. The girls of this home/shelter became her family and her support system. They were all like sisters, she felt at home and most importantly safe. After she had her baby she was given the opportunity to move out of the home and in with her father and his family but she decided to stay at Kathy’s house with all the girls who she grew to love and cherish.

I absolutely loved this movie. There were times when I laughed, cried and yelled at the stupidity of the DCF and their social workers, This movie really pointed out how the system really fails these kids and turns a blind eye to the horrors and injustice these kids face while placed with foster families, shelters and even their own parents. I’m happy that Apple got her happy ending, through all her struggles she was strong, fearless and she fought for a better life. This movie is totally worth the watch and you can preorder it on Amazon Instant Video or wait until it comes out on April 29th.


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