TV Talk: Star-Crossed (Give Me A Torch)

star-crossed01-786x596Monday nights episode of Star-Crossed was one I’ve been looking forward to for a week lol. In last nights episode it was revealed that Taylor is pregnant with Drake’s baby. To be honest I really didn’t think they would have actually run with a pregnancy story. I really thought that by the ending of the episode it would have been a false alarm. Taylor being pregnant with an Atrian’s baby is really juicy because I’m excited and kind of scared to see how everyone will react if and when the news of Taylor’s pregnancy comes out. I’m sure Gloria will do all she can to protect her and the baby. Another crazy part of last nights episode was when Drake and Roman totally pitted Vega against Castor. Roman and Drake blew up the Suvek and Vega thought it was Castor because of the explosives that were used. Sadly, this was a major fail because the Suvek didn’t get destroyed in the explosion. Also, Emery joining Greyson’s new and improved Red Hawks is just insane. I get Grayson wants to bring down Atrian terrorist but  I don’t like his little group one bit. Last nights episode was so exciting. I can’t believe there is only 2 more episodes left this season. I’m not ready for it to be over just yet. You guys should definitely get caught up on the season. It’s definitely worth the watch. Star-Crossed shows on Monday Nights on The CW @ 8pm. You guys better watch it 🙂 ❤️

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