Flashback Friday: Selena

Back in 1998 or 1999 when I first saw the movie Selena it was probably one of the most memorable movies I had ever seen. I remember that night my mom, sister and I all sat down to watch the movie, I was so excited to see the movie even though my told me that it was based on a true story and Selena died at the ending. I remember the music was always my favorite part of watching Selena.I have probably seen Selena about 20 times in my lifetime already and I know almost all the songs. i remember dancing along to the songs all the time and loving all of Selena’s outfits. FYI If she was alive today, she would definitely killing it musically and also in fashion. Plus she would be super excited that crop tops and high waisted pants are back in style lol. I remember crying and my sister teasing me about being so emotional but umm if you’re favorite singer got murdered I’m sure you would cry even at 8 or 9yrs old lol. Today I am still upset over the fact that Yolanda murdered her out of jealousy. I just can’t come to terms with that omg. Even though this movie ended really sad this is one of my all time favorite movies. It’s just one of those movies that just has a huge impact on your life. if you haven’t seen Selena I highly suggest that you do. You won’t be disappointed at all.

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