TV Talk: The Originals (The Battle of New Orleans)

Last weeks episode of The Originals was just heartbreaking. I’ve never felt so many emotions rushing through my body as I did while watching last weeks episode. First off let’s just talk about that kiss between Elijah and Hayley umm “mind blowing.” Can I just say that I am happy he’s finally going after something he wants for once. I’ve been waiting all season for them to finally get together. Can anyone tell me why Klaus is still entertaining this crazy redhead witch. I wasn’t even surprised when she double crossed him in the ending and gave those stones to the Guerrera’s who happened to be a family/pact of ancient werewolves. I mean seriously I was thrown a lot when Francesca told Genevieve to give her the stones and then she activated her werewolf curse. Too bad Hayley didn’t pick up her phone when Cami called or else she might have been able to do something. Both Klaus and Elijah were so preoccupied with Marcel and his army of vamps fight to get back the French Quarter that they were blinded to a lot of the things going on around them (Francesca’s plot). So much could have been avoided if people’s thirst for power didn’t blind their judgements of the humans well werewolves actually. Now the Guerrera family has the stones that can make a werewolf powerful all the time and because Klaus’s blood is linked to these stones he will be in a whirlwind of pain every time a werewolf uses his strength not to turn during a full moon. Also did I mention that Hayley’s in labor which means that the witches are going up try to sacrifice her baby after it’s born and since both Klaus and Elijah are a bit not useful at the moment things aren’t looking to good. Guys I’m sure I’ll be frantically watching tonights season finale of The Originals. Right now I can’t predict anything because the show is just so unpredictable. I don’t even know what to do. I’m literally scared for Hayley, her baby and Mikael possibly coming back. Guys don’t forget to watch The Originals tonight @ 8pmon The CW and tweet along with me on Twitter @thekissofjoy


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5 thoughts on “TV Talk: The Originals (The Battle of New Orleans)

  1. aarontrends says:

    This episode was insane, but WOW. The season finale was the most epic thing ever. Can’t wait for season 2 to air! Do you know anything about a second season? I need that to happen.

    • The Kiss of Joy says:

      Omg I know I was crying so many times during the episode lol! But yes it will back Fall 2014. The only shows on The CW that was cancelled was The Tomorrow People, Star-Crossed(sadly such a loss) and The Carrie Diaries.

      • aarontrends says:

        Really!?? Those were popular shows right? But I saw some adds for iZombie… I hope that’s not the reason why those shows are cancelled!

      • The Kiss of Joy says:

        Yes they were popular shows but got cancelled due to low ratings especially last Monday when 24: Live Another Day premiered and everyone was basically watching that instead of Star-Crossed and The Tomorrow People. The CW also ordered a couple new shows like The Flash, iZombie, Jane the Virgin and The Messengers. It really sucks because Star-Crossed ended with one big cliffhanger and now people who watch the show will be like OMG what the hell!!!

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