TV Talk: Hit The Floor (Game Changer)

BompH5FCQAAJumAOne of my favorite shows of the summer is back and it’s hotter than ever. Last nights season 2 premiere was on fire. Asha and Derek are finally together and omg they make one hot, steamy couple this season. The only downside is that their relationship has to stay private because it’s against the rules for a Devil Girl to date one of the players. With Sloane being in charge of the Devil girls Asha has a problem but Jelena is the one that she should watch. Jelena is just out to get Sloane. I found it so funny that she went to Oscar to try to get him to fire Sloane man this girl is relentless she doesn’t stop at all. I’m excited to see what craziness this girl will be throwing at Sloane this season. Asha is now living with Kyle since she said she couldn’t live with Derek but Kyle has so much skeletons in her closet, I do think Asha would have been better off living at Derek’s. I don’t trust Kyle one bit. DRAMA entered the door and her name is Lionel who happens to be Pete’s ex wife. She has one plan up her sleeve. I could see her causing so much trouble for Sloane, the team, Pete and his relationship with Raquel. The new guy on the team Zero is HOT but I can already tell he’s a bit of a bad boy and he is there to stir up so much trouble. He’s acting like a team player now inviting Derek and Terrance to do an interview with him but he’s one who has ace up his sleeve. I wasn’t surprised when he asked Jelena out  but I could see that relationship going South already. The tension is so thick between Oscar and Chase woah I can see Chase going full on this season with trying to bring Oscar down. Oscar better watch his back. Pete made the decision to hire Asha’s ex German as an assistant coach for the Devils hmm man I can already see how this isn’t going to be easy because he’s going be so tough on Derek  this season. It is going interesting seeing them together. What made me blush is how much Derek actually loves and cares for Asha but because Asha is more concerned about her career I can already see that Derek isn’t going to like it so much. I can’t believe she almost broke up with him last but thankful Derek and his charm won her over and we got a sneak peek of Derek’s butt. I must say Mckinley Freeman has a cute butt. The episode ended with Oscar finding Chase’s wife Olivia’s body buried on the new site for the Devil’s stadium in hollywood. The biggest mystery now is finding out who killed Olivia. I mean seriously that was unexpected.  I really thought they had killed Mia but who knows because they didn’t mention her at all in last nights episode. I am so excited for this season of Hit The Floor. If you aren’t watching Hit The Floor on VH1 @9pm then you seriously need to reevaluate your life haha jk but really you need to watch it.

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