May Favorites

Five Favorites

This month I want to share with you my Top Five Favorite product and things I loved. This month surprisingly went by really fast and I got to test a lot of new products that I absolutely loved and thought you guys might like. So sit back and check my Top Fives for May xx ♥

1. Yardley London Oatmeal+Almond Soap


♥ This soap is a miracle worker. I absolutely love who clean, fresh and soft my skin feels after I shower with Yardley London soap. Another amazing thing about this soap is its amazing smell. It just smells so good and the scent and freshness of this soap last all day and makes me feel so good. I love love this soap.

2. Profoot Pedi-Rock


♥ I got this Pedi-Rock in the new GoVoxBox from Influenster. This product is one of my favorite things I got in the new voxbox. I love how after using the Pedi-Rock my feet feel so soft and the dead skin under my feet completely goes away after using it. This product is definitely worth adding to your shower routine.

3. Aqua Spa Lavender+Chamomile Relax Body Creme


♥ The Aqua Spa creme is another one of the products that came in the new GoVoxBox from Influenster. This creme smells divine, The first time I used the creme my skin felt so soft and the lingering smell was just so calming. I’m going to be honest and tell you the best time to use this creme is before you go to bed either for a nap or at the ending of your day. I did this an I literally slept like a baby. This lotion is so calming that it knocks you out 🙂

4. VS Pink Margarita Phone Case


♥ My sister who works at Victoria Secret got me this amazingly cool case. It’s so perfect for the Summer and everywhere I go people are obsessed with my phone case. This is my best and my favorite phone case ever.

5. Hillsong NYC


♥ On Sunday the 25th my friend and I decided to take the train to NYC to visit Hillsong NYC Church. The experience was phenomenal. I was in awe of the crazy and intense love for Jesus everyone had. Hillsong NYC is on a roll and they absolutely got it going on. They make you feel at home and you can tell and feel that everyone is genuinely there for the right reason. If you’re ever in the NY area and looking to go to church Hillsong NYC @ The Manhattan Center is the place. (P.S. They serve gummy worms at the church)

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