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Charli XCX-Boom Clap

Boom Clap has been one of my favorite songs recently. It’s like the perfect summer and driving song. Boom Clap is also one of the songs on the soundtrack for “The Fault In Our Stars.” I really would love to see that movie but I don’t think I can watch it in the movie theaters. It’s just such a powerful and emotional storyline and I don’t want to sit in the movie theater ugly crying lol! Anyway I really do think this song fits perfectly into the storyline and love between Gus and Hazel. So sit back and take a listen xx ♥


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3 thoughts on “Currently Listening To…

    • The Kiss of Joy says:

      I so agree! I love her song too and omg I could never read a book that was made into a movie. I did it for the hunger games and I was so bored throughout the entire movie because i knew everything that was going to happen. So I’m like never again lol

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