The Kissed Files ♥

My Favorite Cosmo Magazine Picks (July 2014)

Hey guys welcome to my first ever edition of The Kissed Files. The Kissed Files will be a collection of things I have archived and just simply wanted to share with you my readers. Today I’m pulling my favorite articles and things from the July 2014 digital edition of Cosmopolitan Magazine on my iPad. I will be sharing a little snapshot of my favorite things I’ve read in the magazine, give you a little write up about why I love it and the page number from the magazine so you can check it out. Click on the pictures and Enjoy xx ♥


2 thoughts on “The Kissed Files ♥

  1. LaTara Holloway says:

    I absolutely love Cosmo magazine. It’s one of the few mags that I read as soon as it comes in the mail. I also liked the story about The Story I am Ready to Tell, and the Ttme I Took the Pitch. I haven’t finished the whole thing this time because of work, but I will soon!

    • The Kiss of Joy says:

      The story I’m ready to tell is my favorite! I’ve been a fan of Anna since her 90210 days and when I read her story it absolutely broke my heart. I love when Cosmo does stories like this 🙂 The July issue was probably one of my favorites and omg I am the same way with magazines I just have to read it as soon as I get them on my iPad 🙂 Thanks for commenting

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