Hi my name is Felice Raina. Welcome to my blog “The Kiss of Joy” This will be like my new online journal and my online space to just let off some of my inspiration and what ever comes to mind. This will also be a little space to share things I like (music, fashion, quotes, etc) I may also write a little bit of the lyrics that run through my head and heart. I will just post a lot of things on here pertaining to my life and my journey as I discover more of this world and the things of it. So hope you enjoy 🙂

Here are some interesting facts about me:

  • My name is Felice Raina
  • I am 22
  • I love music.
  • I’m always recording 30sec clips of me singing
  • I love to sing
  • I watch way to much television (I am a walking TV Guide lol)
  • I love to shop
  • I love to cook pasta
  • I am fascinated by luxurious bathrooms (won’t buy a house or apartment if the bathroom is ugly NO SIR!)
  • My first and middle name is translated Happy Queen.
  • I am constantly changing my mind
  • I love to stay up late and watch movies, browse tumblr, blog, listen to music or just worship God.
  • I love love following celebrity gossip lol
  • I’ve never seen a 3D movie because I don’t get the idea of putting 3D glasses over my real glasses… freaks me out lol
  • I recently got my drivers license
  • I actually lived in the beautiful country of Trinidad and Tobago for 5years (best yrs ever)

Okay that’s it for now will add more later on.



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