Guard Your Heart My Loves ♥



Saw this on Tumblr last night and I was wow these are some powerful words especially for us single girls out there. So many times I see young girls fall prey to young men and there “sweet talk.” Ladies never settle for anything less than you deserve. His words may be sweet but his heart can also be sour. Guard your heart. It’s no good broken. 

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Coachella Lovin’

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As promised I said that I was going to do a few Coachella related post this month. Today my Coachella post is a “what to wear”. I’ve been going through so many pictures and blogs online to find inspiration on what I would wear if I was going to Coachella this year. I wanted to stick to the fashion trend of Coachella but also when putting together outfits I wanted it to reflect my own personal style. I know for Coachella there are a prints, lace, boho chic, a lot of accessorizing and of course skin. What I saw also is that even though everyone was very stylish, the clothes they  had worn seemed very comfortable and perfect for the hot desert weather. So for my Coachella outfit idea of the day I decided to put together a Tie-Front Lack Tank which I am seeing everywhere today, a high waisted denim jeans, Indigo Aztec Sandals, Tribal Print Backpack and some jewelry. I just adore this outfit so much and I hope you can pick up some ideas on what to wear from my Coachella Blog Series.

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Fortune Favors the Brave

Fortune Favors the Brave

I was reading a blog this morning and this little quote came up. “Fortune favors the brave” It’s a very to the point quote and I love it. Basically when you break it down it’s saying in life when you take risks, step out of your comfort zone and do something out of the ordinary but amazing at the same time, the benefits and good fortune you can reap is out of this world. Have you ever had a time you didn’t take that one risks you knew you should have. Well God is a God of multiple chances so it’s never to late to just go after everything your heart desires. Make that big move today and just go out an do something you never did before that you’ve always wanted to do. (P.S make sure it’s good and legal lol) XoXoBesos❤