Dear Fear I Hate You

The Positivity Blog

The Positivity Blog

As I’m sitting here just looking back on my life I realized that I have so many moments in my life that I wish I could just go back and do it all over again. Some moments in particular is telling people how I really feel. It may seem like a small thing to some but for me if I was more honest with the way I felt my life could have been so much different now. Fear is so crippling. Fear holds you back. Fear is your own worst enemy. I was so afraid to tell people how I felt. Because of this fear there were so many missed opportunities. I also think pride had a lot to do with it. When I look back on my life I now see how I let my fear and pride get the better of me. I let fear take over my life and it definitely changed the course of my life. It’s so weird how sometimes we put our lives on hold, we put the way we feel aside or we let the thing in life we want the most slip right through our fingers just because we are afraid that the people around us wouldn’t approve or they would judge. Fear damn you!!!

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TMI Tag♥


While browsing blogs this morning I noticed that everyone was doing a TMI Tag so I decided to post a TMI Tag on my blog so my followers could get to know a little bit more about me. Everyone’s TMI Tag I’ve seen so far is so interesting and fun. I hope you guys have as much fun reading my TMI Tag as I had reading yours xx Enjoy♥


1. What are you wearing?

♥ A pink lace top top, dark blue jeggings and socks♥

2. Do you have any tattoos?

♥No, I’m very squirmish so the idea of having someone poke me with a sharp object is scary♥

3. Piercings?

♥Just my ear but I don’t really like wearing earrings so♥

4. How long does it take you to get ready in the morning?

♥ I would say about 35mins♥

5. How tall are you?

♥I think I am 5’4″♥

6. Zodiac Sign?

♥Scorpio (only the best and sexiest sign ever♥

7. Favorite Quote?

♥O boy I have so many favorite quotes but this one is from one of my favorite Christian artists wife

“The hard part is asking people around you to help catapult things in motion! Sometimes, all it takes is learning how to ask a friend or leader for help and they will probably surprise you. It all comes down to courage, faith, and confidence in who you are.”-Alyssa Q”♥

8. OTP (One True Pairing)

♥Ahh this is so hard but I have to go with  Lucy Hale and Ian Harding♥

9. Favorite TV Show

♥I’m loving the CW’s new SYFY Drama Starcrossed♥

10. Celebrity Crush

♥Colin Kaepernick (we even share the same birthday)♥

11. A place to visit?

♥My dream is to one day visit the United Kingdom♥

12. Siblings?

♥O yes I have so many I 5 sisters and 2 brothers♥

13. Favorite thing to do?

♥I love to sing♥

14. Last song you sand out loud?

♥Buy You A Drink by T-Pain♥

15. Favorite Color?


16. Have you ever been in love?

♥Nope, sadly I’m not very lucky in that department♥

17.Favorite Song?

♥Jhene Aiko-Drinking and Driving♥

18. Last movie you say?

♥The Delivery Man♥

19. Where can you see yourself living in 10 years?

♥Sunny California♥

20. What are your fears?

♥I have a few I would say dying alone, never being able to be a mother, not being able to follow my dreams and getting really sick.

Well, here you go I picked out 20 questions from the 50 question TMI Tag and answered them for you. Hope you guys enjoy reading them as much as I enjoyed writing them out for you. Hope you guys have an amazing day xx♥


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Music Monday

Happy Monday guys it’s a brand new week and even though Monday’s suck I would like to start of your week with a new song I heard recently. Cher Lloyd released her latest single “Sirens” off her upcoming album “Sorry I’m Late.” When I heard Sirens I was in awe of the genius of this song. Cher Lloyd totally made a serious turn around with this new single. Sirens is probably one of Cher’s  best songs and my new favorite song. So much has happened since she released her first album. You can hear and feel the maturity, emotion and vulnerability in her voice while listening to Sirens. Her vocals has definitely improved so much and there is something different about this new song. Sirens is a far cry from her earlier work like Swagger Jagger and Oath. I can’t wait to listen to the rest of her new album. I know that she will still bring her Cher Lloyd flavor to it but it will have a more mature sound and feel to it.


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March Giveaway❤️

Hey guys I’m just sending out a reminder that my giveaway is still going on. You all have 17 more days left to enter to win my personalized Beauty Box filled with all my favorite beauty products. Products will include things like lipgloss, teas,perfumes,etc. I hope you guys are excited as I am about this Beauty Box Giveaway. Also along with the beauty products I will also write some words of encouragement,inspiration and motivation to the winner. So please enter by clicking the link below and don’t forget to complete all steps and most importantly tell your friends. I can’t wait to chose the winner in 17 days. Good Luck!!! xx❤️

Enter Beauty Giveaway To Win My Personalized Beauty Box

December 1st: Love The Way You Want To Be Loved

31 Days Of Inspiration


I thought of this little saying a couple weeks ago and to be honest I’m wrestling with the idea of how to actually explain this since each of us love ourselves in a very different way. For me personally I take this as show someone the respect that you would want and I think that the same meaning/idea can apply to love as well. I really believe if we deeply love ourselves we can emit that same love and even a better kind of love onto someone else. I think the love that we have for ourselves can emit such an aura of kindness, warmth, confidence and also a deeper connection with the people around us. Self love is something I think can be seen,sensed or however you want to put it. I believe that love is a necessity and not a want. Love is something that can hold us or break us. Love shouldn’t be taken for granted or thrown away. I look at love as precious little things that can be broken and need to be taken care of deeply just like us. So when I say love the way you want to be loved, be sure that the love that you want from someone already exists within you and you are willing to love that person as much as they love you and even more.

Thank You so much for tuning into Day 1 of 31 Days of Inspiration. Be sure to tune in tomorrow and for the rest of the month for a daily dose of inspiration personally from me. XOXO❤

Music Heals the Soul

Hey guys it’s finally November and of course I have a rocking playlist for you this month. I am throwing in some old tunes with the new ones I’ve been listening to! So sit back and take a listen to my November Playlist

1. Britney Spears-Perfume

2. TorI Kelly– Foreword EP (Rocket, Dear No One, Treasure, Paper Hearts and Daydream) 🙂

3. Dan + Shay (New Heights and Colton Haynes)-19 You + Me (Who knew Colton Haynes from Teen Wolf and Arrow could sing)

4. Seal-Love’s Divine

5. Mike Hough-Better

6. One Direction-Story of my Life (thought this was different from what they normally do)

Tegan and Sara-I was a fool (my on the road song)

7. Justin Timberlake-TKO

8. Macklemore & Ryan Lewis-White Walls

9. Avril Lavigne-Let Me Go

10. Jessie James Decker-I Do


Hope you guys enjoy my November Playlist!!! xxBesos

Fall Nights and Fashion❤

Screen Shot 2013-10-29 at 11.07.22 PM


Fall is in full swing but that doesn’t mean that you can’t dress up and demand your boo to take you out for a little date night. Today’s “date night” outfit is very simple yet classy. I love that “black and white” is a trend now because it’s one of the best and easiest outfits to dress up with and also dress down. It’s perfect for work, play and a little romance. To some the  black and white fashion trend is boring but for me its exciting and you can also make a bold statement by pairing it with a vibrant accessory but for today’s outfit I decided to just stick to black and white. I love this little outfit I put together on Polyvore and it reflects my style o so much. I’m a skater dress with a blazer type of girl. I probably would make this my everyday attire but my current job is super chill and doesn’t call for all this fanciness. So guys please do leave a comment and let me know what you’re wearing this fall be it to school, on dates, to work or just in general. Let me know and in the mean time enjoy the song I posted below, it’s one of my favorites. xxBesos❤