June You Were Amazing



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June is finally over and I can’t believe tomorrow is the 1st of July. June was such a hectic month from school work, loads upon loads of laundry because the kids I nanny were leaving for camp, study sessions with Alexa and overall my many job was very time consuming. I am so happy that I’m finally on vacation and can have some much needed ME time for 7weeks 😃. June was also a very good month I started planning and strategizing for my new blog series that I will be announcing very soon so stay tuned for that. Also I passed my classes with really amazing grades but I also start a new set of classes today which sucks. June you saw me stressed, you saw me happy and you saw me doing really stupid things but I am so happy you are finally over. I love new months. It’s kinda like a new start. I am looking forward to July. I’m going to Florida for the first time and I will also be starting my new blog series. I am hoping also to start working on some new blogging projects but I will keep you updated xx ♥ So while you wait here are my top tunes for July. I hope you guys enjoy xx ♥

Demi Lovato ft Cher Lloyd- Really Don’t Care 

Alexa Goddard-Marilyn

Magic-No Way No

Magic-Don’t Kill The Magic

Katy Tiz-The Big Bang

Demi Lovato- Give Me Love


Ending The Week With 5


This week I’ve decided to my edition of “Friday Fives.” I see so many bloggers highlighting the five most exciting finds or just random awesome things that happened to them in the past five days, so I just wanted to give you guys a little peek of how my week went. Enjoy xx ♥



♥ Demi Lovato- Give Me Love (Ed Sheeran Cover)

If you guys haven’t heard Demi Lovato haunting and amazing cover of Ed Sheeran’s song Give Me Love you need to drop everything and hit play. I swear I am always amazed by her vocal abilities and things she can do to a song. She completely made this song her own 🙂 Take a listen I promise you won’t be disappointed ♥

♥ Yorkshire Mason Jar Mug

Yesterday I finally got around to ordering my Mason Jar mugs off of Amazon. I can finally sip my smoothies and brewed iced tea in style. These babies were only $14.94 for a set that included 4 mugs. You can buy them by just clicking the picture.


 ♥ Piano Recital

This one isn’t really part of something that has happened during the past five days but I have been practicing and preparing for my Piano Recital tomorrow. This weekend I have my first ever Piano Recital. I’m so excited and it’s so weird that my nerves hasn’t been going crazy yet.  I’m just happy that I know all my music and I should be fine on Saturday.


♥ New Shoes Alert

I recently joined ShoeMint and I am literally obsessed with this site. Who knew shoes could be so mesmerizing lol. Anyway I accidentally ordered some wedges which I added to my cart and because I wasn’t reading carefully I hit the place order button. No Regrets here though. Check out these cuties aren’t they adorable ♥


♥ The 100: We Are Grounders Part 1

Did you guys watch Wednesday episode of The 100. WOAH is all I can say. So much happened. Finn and Clarke almost died but thank God that Lincoln came back but then no one knows what happened to him after he used himself as bait in order for Clark and Finn to make it back to camp. Finn professed his love to Clarke but she was like NO. Murphy went crazy and kidnapped Bellamy and made him tie a noose to kill himself but thank God Raven is a genius and manually opened the doors but Murphy got away. Meanwhile on the ark Jaha figured out a way to get everyone to earth by bringing the ark to earth which was such a genius plan since he was ready to give up. Whew I won’t say anymore just watch the season finale next Wednesday man xx ♥

Lincoln babe you better not be dead

Lincoln babe you better not be dead 😦 

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Bye Bye February

Today is the last day of February. I can’t believe this month is almost over. I’m not even complaining that February went by too fast because this month was amazing besides all those stupid snow storms. My February was memorable I went to my first hockey game and had some amazing box seats too. I also made the decision to go back to school and ‘m proud to say I’m officially a Public Relations student at California Baptist University. I finally made up my mind and I’m attending my dream school too. February was also awesome because I was able to go to the Dermatologist thanks to finally getting my own health insurance (thanks Obamacare) and I was able to finally get a diagnosis for a problem I was having with my skin and since then my skin is doing so much better.February was also amazing because I reconnected with my father so that’s awesome but he’s still annoying as ever. Lastly February was amazing because of al the amazing NEW MUSIC I discovered. Thank You so much February for being such an amazing and blessed month but March I am so ready for you but in the meantime guys I want you to check out my Bye Bye February Playlist. Love you xx♥

Pia Mia-The Gift (EP)

Pia is such a talented up and coming new talent in the industry. I first discovered her from Kylie and Kendall Jenner when they posted a video of her singing for Drake at their family house. I’ve been hooked ever since and you should be too. My favorite song on the EP is “Lost & Found”


I’ve had this song on my iPhone for a while and it came up on shuffle last week and I simply can’t have enough of this track. Apparently Broods is a duo from New Zealand and I happened to download Bridges because it was a featured free song on iTunes on week. I’m happy I downloaded this song and thank God for shuffle lol.

Daniella Mason- All I Want 

I discovered Daniella after Demi Lovato tweeted out her support for Daniella on Twitter. When I listened to the snippet of this song on iTunes  it instantly captivated me and I was literally listening to this song on repeat everyday in my car. I love when music has that effect on you, it makes the listening process that much more intimate. All I Want is definitely one of my favorite songs for the year at the moment.

Ellie Goulding-Beating Heart

Ellie Goulding has grown on me as an artist. When she first bursted out on the American Pop charts I hated her voice but now her voice is just so amazing. Her voice is just so peaceful and I could listen to her all day. I love her new song for Divergent and I’m so happy that she’s apart of this amazing movie soundtrack.

Little Mix-Good Enough

These girls have totally outdone themselves on this album. I would’ve never though in a million years that I would have some of their songs on my music library. I just love listening to the ballads on their new album “Salute” especially Good Enough. Ahh the emotion, the vulnerability, the raw talent is just something I love when listening to music and Little Mix doesn’t disappoint.

Hope You Guys enjoyed your February and be sure to enter my Beauty Box Giveaway.



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Songs On My Heart Forever❤️

This year I discovered and listened to some amazing artist and the music they put out. I listened to music that made me laugh, cry, dance and also that awed me. A lot of my favorite singers put out some really amazing albums/singles this year and I just wanted to share with you my Top Songs of the Year. These songs will forever be on my heart. Hope you enjoy them 🙂

1.Demi Lovato-In Case

2.Tori Kelly-Rocket


4.Lorde-Tennis Court

5. Katy Perry-Legendary Lovers

6. Travis Garland- Chariots of Fire

7. Ben Rector-When I’m With You

8. Jhene Aiko-Bed Peace

9. Cassadee Pope-I Wish I Could Break Your Heart

10. Tegan and Sara- I was A Fool

11. Armin Van Buuren ft Trevor Guthrie-This is What It Feels Like

12. Selena Gomez- Come & Get it

13. Tori Kelly-Dear No One

14. Demi Lovato-Nightingale

15. Cassadee Pope-Champagne


Outfit of The Day: Demi Lovato Inspired

Today’s outfit of the day was inspired by Demi Lovato’s latest style. I have a love/hate relationship with the way she dresses now because even though her new look is comfy and a bit edgy, I do feel like she needs to tone it down when it comes to red carpet appearances or certain star studded events. However I do like some of the outfits she choses to wear and I thought I would come up with my own version of an outfit I would wear that was Demi Lovato inspired. Recently her look has been black leather pants or black skinny jeans, a band T-shirt, boots and either a blazer or leather jacket. I think it’s one of her mom lazier looks but with her blue hair she is totally rocking it. I do think this look is perfect for an everyday type of look especially if you’re someone who is busy and on their feet a lot. There is nothing too stylish about it which I love. I just love the comfiness of this entire outfit. It’s young, edgy and very easy to wear without going that extra mile. So here is my Demi Lovato inspired outfit. For my outfit, I picked out this really cute but simple Mixed Tee from TopShop (cotton/leather), then I found some cute black jeans, a leather jacket (of course), to complete the comfy look I decided to pair it with some black flats instead of boots, I also added a cute little purse and some jewelry to give it that feminine touch and lastly I am into beanies and scarves so I had to personalize a bit but I would totally wear this outfit. Hope you guys love it! xxBesos

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Movie Spotlight: The Mortal Instruments:City of Bones

The Mortal Instruments City of Bones Film PosterYesterday I had the opportunity of actually going to a movie theater and enjoying a movie. This is like rare occasion for me because I’m either always working or simply only have time on days where the cinema is packed and I refuse to go. Yesterday, I decided to see The Mortal Instruments: City of Bones. I’ve been waiting months to see this movie and was basically super excited for the entire storyline.  The Mortal Instruments happened to be a book turned a movie and even though I was itching with curiosity and wanted to read the book to find out what was going to happen, I stopped myself lol. The last time I read the book before I saw the movie I was so disappointed and I didn’t want to ruin my experience this time. I paid 5$ for this movie and I have to say it was well worth it. They had an amazing cast who all did a fantastic job. The chemistry between Clary and Jace was so intense but it was such a bummer when they found out they were siblings ( they actually aren’t related but they don’t know yet). I felt so bad for her friend Simon though I feel like he went through the most physically and emotionally and it wasn’t even his fight. I loved and admired his and Clary’s friendship. She loved him like a brother and would basically do anything for him but he loved her also but as more than a friend. I also loved how the used one of my favorite singers to sing a song that was featured on the soundtrack and also during the movie. Demi Lovato’s song Heart by Heart gave life to the scene with Jace and Clary in the garden. It intensified that particular scene and brought all their emotions to life and was perfect for Jace and Clary’s first kiss (this was before Valetine told them they were siblings). This is all the spoilers I am going to give away for now but guys please watch this movie. If this is the theme of movies you like or enjoy watching you will love this movie. Be sure to check out the Mortal Instruments Soundtrack below via Spotify. Some of my favorites from the playlists are Heart by Heart by Demi Lovato, Almost is Never Enough by Ariana Grande and Nathan Sykes and Strangers by Seven Lion, Myon & Shane 54.

Summer OOTD: Our love was made in the USA

Hey guys, I feel like I haven’t done a outfit of the day post on my blog in so long and I’m so sorry. I was recently watching Demi’s new video for Made in the USA and I absolutely fell in love with her outfit she wore in the video and also the outfit she wore for her GMA performance. I just had to come up with my version of the outfit and put my special little touch on it. For the outfit I found a cute little denim jack/vest and paired it with a cute sleeveless lace romper, brown multi lace sandals, a tote (my favorite summer accessory to carry all my junk lol) and then I just added some simple cute infinity bracelets (cute little jewelry trend for Summer ’13. This outfit is so perfect for the summer and I decided to pick a sleeveless romper only because since you might be wearing the denim vest over it, it added a cute little old american/vintage look to it and since they are both sleeveless, it will keep you cool and not to hot and stuffy during this summer’s crazy heat waves. Hope you guys like it!

Screen Shot 2013-07-27 at 8.20.15 PM