June You Were Amazing



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June is finally over and I can’t believe tomorrow is the 1st of July. June was such a hectic month from school work, loads upon loads of laundry because the kids I nanny were leaving for camp, study sessions with Alexa and overall my many job was very time consuming. I am so happy that I’m finally on vacation and can have some much needed ME time for 7weeks 😃. June was also a very good month I started planning and strategizing for my new blog series that I will be announcing very soon so stay tuned for that. Also I passed my classes with really amazing grades but I also start a new set of classes today which sucks. June you saw me stressed, you saw me happy and you saw me doing really stupid things but I am so happy you are finally over. I love new months. It’s kinda like a new start. I am looking forward to July. I’m going to Florida for the first time and I will also be starting my new blog series. I am hoping also to start working on some new blogging projects but I will keep you updated xx ♥ So while you wait here are my top tunes for July. I hope you guys enjoy xx ♥

Demi Lovato ft Cher Lloyd- Really Don’t Care 

Alexa Goddard-Marilyn

Magic-No Way No

Magic-Don’t Kill The Magic

Katy Tiz-The Big Bang

Demi Lovato- Give Me Love


Ending The Week With 5


This week I’ve decided to my edition of “Friday Fives.” I see so many bloggers highlighting the five most exciting finds or just random awesome things that happened to them in the past five days, so I just wanted to give you guys a little peek of how my week went. Enjoy xx ♥



♥ Demi Lovato- Give Me Love (Ed Sheeran Cover)

If you guys haven’t heard Demi Lovato haunting and amazing cover of Ed Sheeran’s song Give Me Love you need to drop everything and hit play. I swear I am always amazed by her vocal abilities and things she can do to a song. She completely made this song her own 🙂 Take a listen I promise you won’t be disappointed ♥

♥ Yorkshire Mason Jar Mug

Yesterday I finally got around to ordering my Mason Jar mugs off of Amazon. I can finally sip my smoothies and brewed iced tea in style. These babies were only $14.94 for a set that included 4 mugs. You can buy them by just clicking the picture.


 ♥ Piano Recital

This one isn’t really part of something that has happened during the past five days but I have been practicing and preparing for my Piano Recital tomorrow. This weekend I have my first ever Piano Recital. I’m so excited and it’s so weird that my nerves hasn’t been going crazy yet.  I’m just happy that I know all my music and I should be fine on Saturday.


♥ New Shoes Alert

I recently joined ShoeMint and I am literally obsessed with this site. Who knew shoes could be so mesmerizing lol. Anyway I accidentally ordered some wedges which I added to my cart and because I wasn’t reading carefully I hit the place order button. No Regrets here though. Check out these cuties aren’t they adorable ♥


♥ The 100: We Are Grounders Part 1

Did you guys watch Wednesday episode of The 100. WOAH is all I can say. So much happened. Finn and Clarke almost died but thank God that Lincoln came back but then no one knows what happened to him after he used himself as bait in order for Clark and Finn to make it back to camp. Finn professed his love to Clarke but she was like NO. Murphy went crazy and kidnapped Bellamy and made him tie a noose to kill himself but thank God Raven is a genius and manually opened the doors but Murphy got away. Meanwhile on the ark Jaha figured out a way to get everyone to earth by bringing the ark to earth which was such a genius plan since he was ready to give up. Whew I won’t say anymore just watch the season finale next Wednesday man xx ♥

Lincoln babe you better not be dead

Lincoln babe you better not be dead 😦 

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I’m in love with you and all your little things

I would never expected this beautiful song to be sung by One Direction. I am a fan of their music but this song is simply perfect. It’s vulnerable, it’s raw, it’s honest and it’s a sweet love song. This song was written by the amazing Ed Sheeran if you don’t know who he is please stop what you are doing and download Spotify and listen to his album “+”. I assure that you won’t be disappointed and you will be swooning over his music. This song is a confidence boost to a lot of young girls out there. It’s almost like a little anthem dedicated to them saying you are perfect and by 1D singing it the message is sure to be heard. This song can make anyone forget about their insecurities and just bask in the moment of utter perfection and self love/worth. Ed sure knows how to write music. He has a way with words it shows how he is a little romantic person and he truly cares. Personally I think this song just makes me feel their is someone out there for everyone even if you don’t want to believe. Someone will find the little things about you to be perfect, beautiful and simply amazing. I also think this song shows how the boys of One Direction are amazingly talented and that Simon knew what he was doing when he invested his time with these boys. I am so happy they finally did a song like this, it shows maturity and growth and I think as as artists that is important especially with your musical career/journey. When I listened to this song I remembered Demi Lovato and all her personal struggles and how this song can also be uplifting to her and her lovatics. I just love sweet melodies in music. It’s soothing and it makes me feel all warm inside despite all that I may be going through. I love this song and I hope you feel inspired and uplifted by this song.

P.S Ladies this is how a guy is suppose to love you. You should feel absolutely beautiful when you are with the one you truly love and he should treat you like the most precious gem that he has ever come across.

I’ve just let these little things
Slip out of my mouth
Because it’s you
Oh it’s you
It’s you
They add up to
And i’m in love you
And all these little things