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Everyone has rough times but through it all you have to be strong. Being strong doesn’t mean being an emotionless brick wall. Being strong is being able to go to people for help, guidance and comfort. Being strong is being able to just cry when you feel like it and not hold all that emotion in. Being strong is being able to hold it together and not lose control even during the craziest situations. Letting out your emotions are very therapeutic. Stay Strong because soon whatever is keeping you down, soon shall pass ♥




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Guard Your Heart My Loves ♥



Saw this on Tumblr last night and I was wow these are some powerful words especially for us single girls out there. So many times I see young girls fall prey to young men and there “sweet talk.” Ladies never settle for anything less than you deserve. His words may be sweet but his heart can also be sour. Guard your heart. It’s no good broken. 

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Currently Jamming Out To Some Britt Nicole “Look Like Love”

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Natalie Taylor “Latch” – Disclosure feat. Sam Smith cover

I absolutely love when I discover new music but in this case it’s a new artist I’ve discovered who covers one of my favorite songs from Sam Smith and Disclosure-Latch. This song has the most beautiful lyrics ever and I just get so giddy when it comes on. It’s such a romantic little song. Ooo Sam Smith you have a way with your music. It’s pure bliss to my soul. Anyway I can go on and on about how much I love Disclosure and Sam Smith’s song Latch but today I want you guys to take a listen to Natalie Taylor’s cover of Latch, which will be featured on tonight’s episode and season finale of The CW’s Beauty and The Beast.  Enjoy and Happy Music Monday ♥

June You Were Amazing



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June is finally over and I can’t believe tomorrow is the 1st of July. June was such a hectic month from school work, loads upon loads of laundry because the kids I nanny were leaving for camp, study sessions with Alexa and overall my many job was very time consuming. I am so happy that I’m finally on vacation and can have some much needed ME time for 7weeks 😃. June was also a very good month I started planning and strategizing for my new blog series that I will be announcing very soon so stay tuned for that. Also I passed my classes with really amazing grades but I also start a new set of classes today which sucks. June you saw me stressed, you saw me happy and you saw me doing really stupid things but I am so happy you are finally over. I love new months. It’s kinda like a new start. I am looking forward to July. I’m going to Florida for the first time and I will also be starting my new blog series. I am hoping also to start working on some new blogging projects but I will keep you updated xx ♥ So while you wait here are my top tunes for July. I hope you guys enjoy xx ♥

Demi Lovato ft Cher Lloyd- Really Don’t Care 

Alexa Goddard-Marilyn

Magic-No Way No

Magic-Don’t Kill The Magic

Katy Tiz-The Big Bang

Demi Lovato- Give Me Love

Live A Life Full Of Joy.

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Surround yourself with people who will uplift you. Surround yourself with people who not only respect you, but they respect themselves. Be mindful of the hurtful things you say because someone is always listening. Someone will get hurt. Admit your wrong when you discover it. Mistakes are good. They teach you a thing or to. Live a good life. Live a life full of Joy. Never look back at yesterday troubles and bring them into today. Don’t count on other people to center you. Remember that the person you are meant to be, you are the only one who can seek them out. You have more to offer than the way you look. Take the time to discover who you are. You will be surprised. Find your inner happiness and doors in your life will open. xx ♥



TV Talk: Signed, Sealed,Delivered (The Future Me)

Signed-Sealed-Delivered-MarthaGroupLast nights episode of Signed, Sealed, Delivered was absolutely the cutest. I was given the amazing opportunity to preview last nights episode thanks to FlyByPromotions and I have to say even though it was my first time watching the show I really loved it. Signed, Sealed, Delivered follows the story and the lives of four postal officers Oliver, Shane, Rita and Norman who make it their mission to deliver undeliverable mails.

    Their new challenge starts when Kimmy Cooper a post officer who also happens to be one of the participants in the Miss Special Delivery Pageant brings them this letter written by a young Ellie to Mrs. Richards. The letter was written to a Mrs. Richards on her wedding day by 7yr old Ellie to just congratulate and praise her on getting married and also telling her how beautiful and perfect she looked on her wedding day. The team of postal detectives got investigating and after searching and following a bunch of leads they ended up at this beautiful flower shop where Ellie and Bobbie worked. It was soon discovered that Ellie wrote the letter to her future self describing her perfect wedding day to Bobbie Richards. What broke my heart is that Ellie and Bobbie were so in love but Ellie’s parents wouldn’t let them married because they felt that they weren’t ready for marriage 😦 Ellie had a spunk and determination that I loved. I loved how that letter was a reminder and kick she needed to go after what she wanted. Ellie decided to just throw caution to the wind and get that marriage license to marry Bobbie to show her parents that she and Bobbie was serious about getting married. Thank God after a lot of convincing, her parents finally came around and Ellie was given her perfect wedding with the lights, flowers and stars just like her parents’ wedding.

Another great message this episode had was the message of staying true to thine own self, standing firm and not letting anyone bully or intimidate you into not going after the things you want. Rita who was a very shy woman decided to enter the Miss Special Delivery Pageant and even though she was faced with so many obstacles from Kimmy and her new supervisor she rose above it all. I loved that even after Shane gave her a stunning makeover and some cool pageant tips she decided to just revert to her original everyday look and self because she believed “If they see the new me, they won’t see the real me.”  In the end she conquered it all and even if they didn’t really show it in the episode she won. She didn’t let the pressure from her competition squash her, instead she came out on top stronger than ever. I was really surprised by this show. I only Hallmark for their movies but this show definitely intrigued me. I love how they make the impossible possible in this show. It really opens your mind and gets you thinking about areas in your life where you need to let go of the norm and be you. This show is definitely worth watching and even though I started from episode 6 I am definitely going to be starting this series from the beginning 🙂 Signed, Sealed, Delivered shows on Sunday nights on the Hallmark Channel @8pm on Sunday nights xx<3

Fun Fact:

Signed, Sealed, Delivered  incorporates scripture in its themes and in the conversations between characters.  In FACT, The American Bible Society has built a bible study to go with the series,
Sign up for that here: and you can sign up and enjoy  The Bible Reading Experience for free for a week.
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