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Saw this on Tumblr last night and I was wow these are some powerful words especially for us single girls out there. So many times I see young girls fall prey to young men and there “sweet talk.” Ladies never settle for anything less than you deserve. His words may be sweet but his heart can also be sour. Guard your heart. It’s no good broken. 

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December 16th: When Giving Advice Speak From The Heart, Tell The Truth

Heart_1170044_18898754When giving someone advice it’s kind of like speaking into their soul. Giving someone advice is also giving them that hope that they need. It’s also a way of guiding people and steering them to the right path. Giving someone advice can also uplift someone and give someone a fresh new insight or perspective on things. When giving someone advice speak from the heart, be truthful and make sure this is advice that you are living by. Pick your words carefully and be sure to give advice that will benefit the other person. Give advice with an open mind and heart. Lastly, be wary of the person’s feelings and situation.

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December 11th: Look Past The Flaws

31 Days of Inspiration:

e613fbbf18ad8ce933be8a5b6bd51697In relationships, friendships, family or simply just the people who you meet in life we should always learn and be able to look past the flaws. In life, I believe to really get to know someone you need to look past all the things that are wrong about them and get to know who they are as a person.A person flaws doesn’t define them but it is a part of who they are. Everyone has flaws, no one is perfect and we should look at the good they are doing rather than the bad. Love people regardless of who they are. 

Be Happy, Live Life and Love Yourself

I feel like so many people find it so hard to just be happy, live life and love themselves.  I know people who are constantly battling stuff and going through so much that they shouldn’t even be going through. I feel like so many people lack that self confidence and that strength to actually believe in themselves and stand on their own.  It breaks my heart to see people constantly putting themselves down and just being a target  for negativity. They’re  constantly saying things that are just so degrading about themselves or just wallowing in self pity and disgust.  Certain people are so sad and like nothing you do could ever lift their spirits, its heartbreaking. I know someone who is constantly just looking for that validation and that reassurance that they are worth it,  that they’re beautiful, etc and it shouldn’t be like that. You as person should have that self confidence and believe in your own self worth; you shouldn’t be looking to others for that reassurance.  Everything in my life isn’t perfect but I know that when I start to get in a funk that there is so much I should thankful for and I shouldn’t be feeling this way.  I just wish everyone could look past the bad and focus on what good they have in their lives. It’s a beautiful and marvelous thing to be happy. I don’t mean always smiling and being chipper, just being content and happy in your heart that’s what matters.

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One of my favorite songs at the moment from Drake! He’s such a romantic sap lol! 

So Kiss Me

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Happy Monday darlings! Today’s outfit of the day is a date night/summer love type of outfit.  I was talking to my sister today  who is staying with her boyfriend and she mentioned how her boyfriend might be cooking chicken parmesan for her and I was like omg how cute and romantic. I then decided to jump on Polyvore while watching one of my favorite shows 7th Heaven and create the perfect outfit for a little romantic night in with your love and an outfit that will also go perfectly with a yummy italian dinner. I’m so in love with the Blue Chambray Dress especially because to me its perfect for an italian themed dinner night and the red heels just make it pop even more. Hope you guys love today’s out and can’t wait to show you guys tomorrow’s  outfit! xx 🙂