Foods That Fill The Soul ♥

Everyone has rough times but through it all you have to be strong. Being strong doesn’t mean being an emotionless brick wall. Being strong is being able to go to people for help, guidance and comfort. Being strong is being able to just cry when you feel like it and not hold all that emotion in. Being strong is being able to hold it together and not lose control even during the craziest situations. Letting out your emotions are very therapeutic. Stay Strong because soon whatever is keeping you down, soon shall pass ♥




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No matter what struggles you go through in life and no matter what people have put you through remember to stay strong and remain unbroken.


What I am watching this Fall Part 1

So last night was the premiere of the X Factor and I was so excited to watch it because one of my idol’s and greatest inspirations is a judge Demi Lovato. Last nights show was amazing. It was funny, entertaining and sad. For the first night I saw some incredible talent take the stage and also some not so talented take the stage. OMG those two blonde girls from Texas lol they were just talking up a storm about everyone last night lol. I forgot what the girl who sang said her voice was a mix of lol but when she finally sang her own “rendition” of Katy Perry- Firework it was a “NO-NO.” Quatrelle (the guy in the wedding dress and pink lipstick) surprised all the judges he had some vocals on him and he had that stage presence and he knew how to entertain a crowd. In the end i loved his performance. Jannel Garcia another favorite of mine. She’s a tiny girl but she has some killer pipes on her and she even knew how to move the crowd. Overall I loved a lot of the auditions last night. The girl that really moved me was Jillian. She sang Jessie J-Who You Are. She was a victim of bullying and when she sang that song man you felt that pain, you felt that heartache, you felt like ever emotion she had while she sang that song. If you’ve heard the song you know what it’s about “staying true to who you are no matter.” I loved that even though that all she went through she still got on that stage and sang her big heart out. The bullies they continuously put her down but she got back up and kept true to herself and pursued all that wanted to do. I hope she makes it through to the end. She deserves this so much. Overall the XFactor was amazing last night. I will be watching the season. Check it out on Fox this fall 🙂

Love is louder than the pressure to be perfect!

Love is louder than the pressure to be perfect!

I decided to write this on my wrist because yesterday was the day to raise awareness for the prevention of suicide. I wrote on my wrist because this particular place is the one part of the body that many girls cut. In today’s society it is hard with all the images and all the expectations of who we are suppose to be and look as young girls and women. We just have to remember that we are all loved if not by a bunch of people we are loved my at least one person and to me that is enough. We as young girls and women have to be advocates for broken young girls and women who feel like they aren’t good enough. We have to remind them that they are important. We have to do this everyday not just one day a year. So just remember “To Write Love on Her Arms” and show her that you care and love her.